Hot Ink Poker Machines

Hot Ink Poker MachineI always how people came to all of their body inked with tattoos, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the tattoos at all. Even I got 5 tattoos on my body, but covering the entire body with it needs many guts and I am certainly not going to do it anytime soon. One of the best examples of people that I am talking about is the Lil Wayne, who is a pretty famous artist in the United States.

And today I will be talking about the slot machine that is kind of based on the same theme and if you are also a Hot Ink Poker Machinetattoos love like me then you are certainly going to like this as well. The name of the pokie is The Hot Ink, which is a five-reel poker machine that can be played at Microgaming casino offered at most of the top online casinos of the industry.

And the best thing I liked about this slot is that the player got lots of ways to win, and many of those will provide you with some. I fact if I say that there are 1,024 ways to win on every spin then I won’t be deceiving you guys. If the players like to win big or just he is there to see the amazing tattoos, or just want to take Hot Ink poker machines for fun. It will get anything to player he ever wished.
The last tattoo I got in Thailand made me play this slot, as I really adore the tattoos and anything that is themed on the same. To play the pokie I made the app download in my iPhone and begin playing with the free spins I got and really had a great time and if got savvy with it I would certainly go for real money version as well.

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Jack In the Box

What could be the better way to surprise people than giving them jack in the box? And today I will be talking about this online casino slot of Australia designed by microgaming that has also got so many features that will certainly surprise you. As you must have seen that this plot has been mixed with so many things before like the toys, music, application, knight, breakfast menu, divination cards and burger, the theme has always been a hit and the outcome also has always been nice as well.

Well, today I am not here to talk about the rest but only the classic slot machine that rules the hearts of players and the name of the slot is also Jack in the Box. It is a 3 reel, 1 pay line poker machine gambling that has been on the top for a long time. It got the top fixed jackpot worth 5000 coins and as the name indicates the jack in the box is certainly the wild symbol of the game. When any of them appears on the pay line and makes a winning combination, it pays out with a multiplier set the two time of the original win.

So, after knowing all the pros and cons about the pokie, I decided to give it a try myself. And for that I made the instant download of the app in my android mobile phone and luckily when I was making the download I got this no deposit bonus option as well. And to take the free trial of the slot I arranged some spin from my friend and after playing it for some time I went for the real money version too. With the paid credits I hit few jackpots as well and earned made some bucks as well.

Jackpot City Casino for all the Gambling Games

Jackpot City Online CasinoWhen it comes to gambling, I don’t really easily on any random casino but got these few of my favorites where only I used to play. And one of them is the jackpot city casino and I hardly see any other online casino platform in front of this one. I believe that the features and pros of this particular platform has earned this much respect of players with its super service and offers.

Jackpot has really got the all that a player could ever wish while playing the pokies online. It got all type of gambling games from table games like blackjack, roulette, poker, to online slots and 18 progressive jackpots to amaze you every time you visit it, even not only the types, it really the best slots of every types of game.

Apart from all the top casino games, it also offers you the chance to get the free play at these top ranked pokies of Jackpot City Online CasinoAustralia. And the other features include no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, and free spins to take the trial, instant play, pay via PayPal and many others. If you are don’t feeling like downloading the pokie at local machine then you can opt for the instant play option that will let you the poker machines without interruptions and delay. But I recommend playing them offline if you crave for better gaming experience than just making money.

So these are certain thing that I look into any other casino before playing on to that and frankly I have found very few that came out after passing all the criteria. And that is the main reason that I don’t really waste my time exploring new casinos to pay at, where as I like to play at my orthodox place which is the jackpot city casino.

Jackpot Express

This last night I was having some great difficulties in getting asleep because I had this insomnia few years back. Although it was almost cured, but it keep coming back once or twice in a years and this was the same night and I was very worry with it. In order to cope up I tried different things which could make me sleep, but nothing was really working and I was getting bored as I had nothing to do in the middle of the night.

After giving the situation a thought I came out with an idea of calling my new friend from the top floor of my apartment who is kind of a cool guy, who used to sleep late at night. So I called him and luckily he was not sleeping by then, so he invited me at his place as he was kind of busy doing something.

When I went there, he was there lying on his couch drinking beer and doing something with his mobile phone and when I asked he told me that he has been playing these Australian online casino slots that have really become a rage now a days. And since I have already about them so I took the interest and persuade him to teach me how to play these online slot machines.

So he told me that he has been playing this slot called Jackpot express. He told me that it is a basic slot and the perfect one to start playing slots. It composed of five pay line titles that include an easy to read payout schedule, a wild symbol, and a classic online slot with just 3 reels and not the complex system. So I played the same slot for the whole and really had a great time playing it and now I have been thinking to play it with the real money and looking forward to make some bucks out of it as well.

Have Fun With Jesters Jackpot

Jester Jackpot2 years ago when I traveled to Australia I played this classic slot machine called Jester jackpot there and today is the day that I haven’t liked any other slot than I did this one. Being an orthodox kind of person I don’t really like breaking the traditions and all. And this one being a classic slot that is based also on the medieval theme,I just couldn’t stop liking it and even now, whenever I get bored or something from the work and all, I play this epic slot and get back to work with full energy again. When it comes to liking this pokie, I certainly have my reason that I adore this one very much, very first I would like to share that I played it with my passed wife, the love of my when we were on a holiday trip to Australia.

I mean this could be the major reason why I am attached with the same slot this much. And when it comes to other Jester Jackpotreason I must say it’s the simplest classic slot machine that comes with just 3 reels and single pay line, and the most basic possible arrangement of reels and lines that even a new player can manage pretty easily and the pay table rules are also not that complex.

So these were the main reasons I could tell of liking this slot very much and i also believe that it would never happen that I would prefer some other slot over this one, it’s really remind me of her and I really can’t let her go of my life.

Jetset: The Super Rich Slot

I believe that there are very few shortcuts to become rich in a limited time in this so much competitive world. And those few shortcuts don’t really work with all the people that try them, but only with the ones that had their luck and destiny with them. As I am kind of an orthodox person so I pretty firmly believe in this stuff.

Well, anyways coming to those shortcuts one of them I know about is the gambling industry, yes I mean one can really become rich with the love of this industry with just the little help of luck and fortune. And today I will be talking about the slot machine that is kind of based on the same plot that can help you get that lavish lifestyle of super riches.

The name of this pokie machine is the Jet Set, although it a traditional classic slot machine, but really got the potential to amaze you with its features and make you rich. It comes with an arrangement of 3 reels and just single payline. As modern slot machines supposed to have more reels and more options of available pay lines for wagering, but this out of the box pokie won’t let you down at any point as this is all about the high dollar life, lavish lifestyle, exotic cruise rides and no Chevrolets in sight. The entire game is contained on a single screen, which will give you the ease of playing it effectively.

As soon I heard about this game, I thought of giving it a try myself. So I have made the free download of the app and started playing it for fun. And when the time will arrive I will certainly go for the real money version as well to get the essence of being super rich through this online casino slot machine